PSJ Solutions
Global Excel is a worldwide premium medical cost containment company, providing services to a broad range of market segments. Our partners trust our expertise in controlling healthcare costs for the management of their claims dollars as well as our ability to provide a superior member experience.
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PSJ Solutions

PSJ Third-Party Administrator (TPA) Services

Prima Sarana Jasa is a third-party administration (TPA) company with more than 20 years’ experience in the Indonesian healthcare market. We partner with our clients to deliver comprehensive claims management, related medical expertise and assistance.

We deliver seamlessly tailored solutions 24/7 through our customer service and medical professionals by providing access to our network of certified healthcare facilities, ensuring highly effective cost containment.

PSJ specializes in:                 

  • Medical Case monitoring
  • Local and international healthcare networks accessible through Global Excel
  • Dedicated operations systems
  • Tailored and comprehensive reporting
  • Technology investments
  • Effective management

Primary Network Access

Prima Sarana Jasa conducts a detailed analysis of demographics and claims history to assess quality of care and cost-based benchmarking.

This approach allows us to recommend optimal primary and out-of-area network solutions, boost savings and ensure access to preferred providers. We offer personalized solutions to individuals to secure the best possible outcomes.

A Global Excel family member
Leading Healthcare Forward

Global Excel is a full-service provider of global healthcare risk management solutions, cost containment, claims management and medical assistance services to over 366 clients located in more than 90 countries around the world.

As a group, Global Excel manages approximately 360,000 inpatient, outpatient and non-medical cases per year and processes more than $1.9B USD in healthcare claims annually.

Joining the Global Excel Family ensures that PSJ has the resources to satisfy our clients’ – and their members’ – growing needs in an increasingly global marketplace.

International Assistance

Global Excel provides expatriates, students and leisure & corporate travelers with access to quality medical care, professional case management and effective cost control in Indonesia, Asia, Europe and North & Latin America. As a Global Excel family member, PSJ can offer clients easy access to cutting-edge International Assistance solutions and expertise.

State-of-the-art Directional Care

Our Medical Strategies are designed to simplify and improve the Patient Journey from Directional Care to Care Insights to Cost of Care. Our mission is to help people get to the Right Place at the Right Time for the Right Care at the Right Cost by addressing our clients’ needs through each step of the journey.

Our Directional Care Strategies are constructed to ensure patients start at the Right Place at the Right Time for all medical events.

Global Excel engages with Patients, Plans and Payers during a medical event to ensure patients’ convenient access to quality care, at a fair price.

When a patient is away from home, Global Excel provides them with dedicated resources to help navigate the healthcare system. We deliver a program developed by on-staff medical practitioners that leverages Milliman Guidelines to cost-effectively treat medical situations through escalating levels of provider engagement.

StandbyMD provides members with live clinical support and real-time medical assistance. We offer direct access to varying levels of support, customizable by client and employer groups alike. Support may include:

  • Provider lookup and referral
  • Telehealth
  • Nonurgent care facilities
  • Personalized doctor visits
  • Urgent care facilities
  • Emergency departments

Medical Second Opinion

When a patient receives a recommendation for surgery, Global Excel has an optimized Medical Second Opinion process to include full case reviews and recommendations from certified medical specialists.

Our process evaluates whether a procedure is in fact required and ensures the highest quality of care is recommended at both the physician and facility levels. The cost of care is considered and addressed through education and negotiation prior to recommending services. For PSJ clients, access to and delivery of this solution is done through Global Excel.

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